Why Should You Advertise With Fabric Banners

Outdoor signage is a great advertising tool that all businesses great and small should harness and deploy. Cheap, easy, and reusable, banners can be used in a variety of places, both indoors and out, at any time of the year, and for any type of business.

The most common types of materials used for company promotion banners are Printmoz vinyl banners and regular nylon. These materials are chosen because of their durability and economical cost. However, over time both vinyl and nylon can break down into creases, cracks, and fades. When this happens, repairs can be difficult; and even if repairs are achieved, the banners may never look the same, at least not to the discerning eye.

For this reason, it may be a good idea to go for an alternative material option for promotional banners: fabric.

Fabric banners don’t crack or crease.

As durable and long-lasting as vinyl may be, when exposed to very cold, very hot, very windy, or an extreme shift in temperatures, vinyl materials tend to weaken and crack. Nylon can also weaken and become thin and transparent.

Fabric, on the other hand, particularly in banners, is woven tightly and with fade-resistant and breakage-resistant threads to ensure that the resulting banners can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Fabric banners are vibrant.

Fabric materials show off colors and designs better than vinyl and nylon, simply because colors fully saturate the material and subsequently “pop”.

Fabric banners are easy to store.

Vinyl and nylon banners must be carefully and loosely rolled; on the other hand, fabric banners can be easily folded or rolled, the unfolded or unrolled, and there are never any creases or stubborn folds to worry about removing.

About creating custom fabric banners.

Having a beautifully designed and printed fabric banner makes all the difference when it comes to appealing to your target audience. Thanks to the affordable cost of this type of advertisement material, you will be able to utilize fabric banners repeatedly in all of your advertisement campaigns – and between, too!

When putting together potential designs for your banners, here are some things to consider:

Fabric banner colors

The colors you select for your banners should be the same colors that you use in your company logo or branding. If you do not have colors already selected for your company, then choose colors that are highly contrasting, but still pleasing on the eye.

Fabric banner fonts

Easy-to-read, sans-serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica are choices that you won’t regret. Typography is an important component to prioritize – hard-to-read fonts mean your target market won’t read your banners, whereas the right font means your message is both read and absorbed.

Vinyl Banner

Get to the point.

Your banner has one job: to get the attention of your potential customers and draw them to you. Pick a witty or otherwise-interest-piquing slogan to imprint your company name in their brain. Remember, less is more. One to two short sentences is ideal. And of course, include your company name and some type of contact information (URL, phone number, email address) so your target market can connect with you.

Saturate the market.

In order for your fabric banners to work, you have to put them to work! In other words, make sure you are placing your banners in multiple areas – parking lots, alongside busy roads and highways, even near shopping malls, grocery stores, and parks. Find out where your target demographics are, and make sure you’re there, too.


Fabric banners are a great advertising media for any company or organization. Low cost, versatile, and convenient, take the time to create a winning design, and then put your banners to work for you!